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PRODUCTS, Pick & Place Machine

JUKI Fast Smart Modular Mounter RS1-R [Máy gắn linh kiện thông minh tốc độ cao dạng mô-đun]

Superior Productivity. Versatility
With the best throughput in an advanced, all-in-one
Class leading speed, up to 47,000 cph
Wide component range: 0201mm*~74x74mm / 50x150mm
Large PCB size up to 650x370mm (1200x370mm by 250mm extension conv)
Optimum line balance and highest throughput
Optimal for LED placement

Long Board SMT Placer JX-350 [ Máy gắn linh kiện tự động - chuyên gắn LED ]

Expanded versatility for LED production and more!
JX-350 is now available with faster placement speed and improved placing ability

Fast Smart Modular Mounter RS1-XL [Máy gắn linh kiện đa năng dạng mô-đun size XL]

As a Chip Mounter, as a Flexible Mounter, as a Balancer. Any item can be produced for smart production.
The new mounter will change the conventional common sense of the ever innovative.
X-Large PCB Size: 50×50㎜~650×560㎜

JUKI High-Speed Compact Modular Mounter RX-7R [Máy gắn linh kiện tốc độ cao siêu nhỏ gọn]

Innovative Production Efficiency Improvement for the Whole Factory
Graphical system visualization
JaNets Integration
New P16S head with improved accuracy
Simultaneous production of PCBs
Top and Bottom Check of Leaded Parts
Low impact placement force
Optimal Speed can achieve 75,000 CPH
Compact Design – 998mm width
Wide Component Range

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