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PRODUCTS, Inspection & Non-Contact Measuring

NEW Makrolite 4K Ultra HD inspection microscope

Exceptional Quality Imaging.
The Makrolite 4K digital microscope simplifies your visual inspection, image capture and measurement tasks with the exceptional quality of Ultra High Definition image resolution.

DRV STEREO CAM 3D digital stereo microscope

The Power of 3D Digital Stereo
Get the viewing benefits of a 3D high resolution stereo zoom microscope and the convenience and speed of a digital microscope in one. Using the incredible DRV display technology, 3D stereo images can be viewed, captured and shared, using glasses-free technology. Magnification up to 700x makes DRV Stereo CAM as useful for capturing and sharing the smallest details efficiently and effectively.

CAM β Inspect anything, anywhere

Inspect anything, anywhere
Camβ is Vision Engineering’s portable, secure hand-held digital magnifier. Capable of 4x to 20x magnification, this robust ‘go-anywhere’ inspection and digital capture tool is ideal for use in the lab, around the factory or in the field.


Quick. Easy. Compact
Compact full HD digital microscope system for quick and accurate inspection right where you need it. High quality custom-made optics and digital features combine for superior performance. Ideal for visual inspection or manufacturing quality control.

LYNX EVO Work better, for longer

The Lynx EVO was designed to increase productivity through superior ergonomics. Whatever your challenge – inspection, production, reworking, or anything else requiring magnification – 3D depth perception and bright, high resolution, high contrast images lets you work comfortably and with greater concentration. Magnifications from 2.7x to 240x make it ideal for a wide range of applications.

DRV N SERIES Automatic High Zoom digital stereo microscopy system

D Stereo. 3D Digital. Perfect Zoom.
View and share 3D images and video from an optical stereo zoom microscope. Combining technologies of Deep Reality Viewer (DRV) for 3D imaging with great depth perception, and Nikon SMZ for outstanding 25:1 zoom ratio, excellent image details and magnifications up to 800x.

NON-CONTACT MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS [Hệ thống đo không tiếp xúc Falcon Hawk Swift]

Exceptional Dynascope™ optical measuring microscopes allow you to see what you want to measure more details, more clarity

Range of video measuring machines provide high accuracy non-contact measurement of complex manufactured components and materials

STEREO MICROSCOPES [Kính hiển vi soi nổi Vision Engineering Mantis Mantis Elite Lynx]

A range of revolutionary stereo microscopes without eyepieces, provide superb imaging without fatigue

Conventional eyepiece systems offer quality and high value

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