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PRODUCTS, SMT Consumables

SMT Common Spare Parts [ Phụ tùng linh kiện SMT ]

Original New 100% Parts
Feeder, Trolley, Feeder Parts
CPU Board, Control Board, IO Board, Hard Disk
Servo Motor, Servo Driver
Sensor, Belts,...

Standard / Custom Nozzle [Đầu hút linh kiện máy gắn chíp, máy chấm keo]

Design & Quality Control in Japan (by K-WORLD); Fabrique by Bosung Korea.

SMT Nozzle for all Mounter Brands: Panasonic, Fuji, Hitachi, Yamaha, Juki, Samsung, Siemens, Mirae,...etc

Custom nozzles are available at reasonable price and short lead-time

OMEGA Type K Thermocouple [Cặp dây đo profile nhiệt độ Omega chuẩn K]

Ultra-High Accurate Thermocouple
Wide-range of wire diameters from 30AWG to 40AWG (0.25mm to 0.08mm)
Welded joint & High Temp Resistance 260 degree C
Made in USA

UNIONTAPE FAT-1335TSY Silicone Tape [ Băng vải thủy tinh 2 mặt dính ]

Glass cloth coated tape with silicone adhensive
High temp resistance
No glue residue
Re-used many times
RoHS and Halogen Free

Tacsil Double-side Silicone Tape FPC Tape [Băng dính silicone 2 mặt bo mạch dẻo Tacsil]

Double-sided silicone glass cloth tape coated.
High Temp Resistance & No adhension residue.
Special design for FPC assembly process.
Re-used upto 500 times.
ESD, RoHS and Halogen Free.

KPT-201DS Double-sided Tape [ Băng dính chịu nhiệt 2 mặt ]

Polymide tape coated with silicone adhensive
High Temp Resistance, no glue residue
RoHS & Halogen Free, UL, REACH

Kapton Tape KPT201-2535 [ Băng dính chịu nhiệt 1 mặt ]

Polymide tape coated with silicone adhensive
Single side
High temp resistance, no residue
RoHS & Halogen Free, UL, REACH

SUPER NIKKO RACK [Giá chứa bo mạch dạng ngăn xếp magazine rack]

High Presion & High quality Rack

Quick-Width Adjustment Magazines

Commitment to the environment

XURON PRECISION tools [Kìm cắt chân linh kiện, cắt dây điện Xuron - Mỹ]

Ergonomic electronics-grade hand tools.

Precision, tool durability and easeof use.

Patented Micro-Shear® blade by-pass cutting action, which ensures clean cuts and improved durability.

JNJ Squuegee Blades and Holder from USA [Bộ lưỡi quét kem hàn tự động hãng JNJ - Mỹ]

1. Metal Squuegee Blades and Holders

2. Polyurethane Squugee Blades with variou durometers

3. Both Standard Squuegee Assy and Customized are available

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