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PRODUCTS, KIC Thermal Profiler & LCR Tester

KIC SPS Smart Manual Profiler [ Bộ đo profile KIC SPS thông minh ]

The smart profiler for reduced cost, improved quality and convenient data sharing
Available in 7,9 and 12 channel
Built with the Latest Data Processing and Wireless Technologies Available —
A Smart Device

KIC SRA Smart Reflow Analyzer [Thiết bị phân tích lò hàn thông minh]

The Smart Fixture with Built-In Data Collection Module
SRA Advantages
Laser Technology for Speed Measurement
Instant Insight into Oven Performance
Compatible with KIC Ecosystem
Profiler Embedded in Fixture
2 Year Warranty

PROBOT Automatic Profiling System [Hệ thống đo giám sát profile trực tuyến tự động KIC Probot]

ProBot Advantages:

• Flexible
• Affordable
• Easy to UseSoftware
• 24 Hour CustomerSupport

KIC X5 Intelligent Thermal Profiler [Bộ đo profile nhiệt độ tự động thông minh KIC X5]

Robust Hardware – Ease of Use – Process Optimization
2 Year Warranty – 24 Hour Word Class Customer Support

KICstart2 Profiler [Bộ đo profile nhiệt độ tự động KIC kicstart2 6 kênh]

Easy to use – Low cost – Compact

The new KICStart2 is a modern profiler that does not try to do too much, but what it is designed to do it does it exceptionally well.

Smart Tweezers LCR Meter ST5-S Colibri Pro [Nhíp đo LCR đa năng thông minh ST5-S ST5S ST5]

High Speed, High Precision LCR Meter in Tweezers

Wide measurement range starting from 0.5pF, 0.5μH and 50mΩ

Capacitor ESR Value Display

Smart Tweezers Bluetooth LCR Meter ST5S-BT [Nhíp đo LCR thông minh kết nối Bluetooth]

Based on our flagship ST5S LCR Meter
Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity
Real Time readings streaming
iOS and Android support
Windows Ultility is now available

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