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The Power of 3D Digital Stereo
Get the viewing benefits of a 3D high resolution stereo zoom microscope and the convenience and speed of a digital microscope in one. Using the incredible DRV display technology, 3D stereo images can be viewed, captured and shared, using glasses-free technology. Magnification up to 700x makes DRV Stereo CAM as useful for capturing and sharing the smallest details efficiently and effectively.
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StereoCAM 3D digital stereo microscope biomed application tissue flask

Faster better decisions

DRV Stereo CAM is a market changing technology that improves the speed and quality of your decision making and product validation process by combining the benefits of magnified optical stereo binocular vision with digital technology to deliver an entirely new stereo microscopy capability.

See all the detail

Superb quality optics delivers high resolution, high contrast stereo images at the right magnification.

Whether looking at micro electronics, medical devices, precision components, scientific samples or any subject requiring magnification, viewing quality is enhanced, increasing work quality and thus reducing cost.


8.4 – 700x


3D Stereo

Capture, Share, Recall

Large FOV

Long Working Distance

New visual flexibility

Because the image capture and image displays are separated, DRV Stereo CAM is not constrained by the position of the optics.

There is no need to be positioned directly over the sample to view it clearly in 3D, so the system can be configured for a variety of applications. Position your image view wherever you like.

DRV Stereo CAM connectivity

Share with your team anywhere

DRV Stereo CAM shares live or recorded 3D images and video. Connect your team, project group or supply chain in multiple locations and benefit from faster and better decision making.

DRV Stereo CAM preserves the optical quality 3D visual cues that can otherwise be lost with standard two dimensional media, avoiding misunderstanding of the image and differing interpretations when recalled.

Work efficiently for longer

Comfortable viewing position with natural head movement gives DRV Stereo CAM users much reduced neck and back fatigue in comparison with conventional stereo microscopes. Eyestrain is reduced by projection of the stereo image into each eye at a comfortable viewing distance.

Users work more efficiently and for longer periods with reduced errors from fatigue.

Watch making inspection under DRV Stereo Cam
DRV viewer height adjustment

Multi-user ergonomics

Change users quickly and easily without compromising ergonomics. A simple squeeze of a button allows the height of the head to be adjusted to the user, with no further adjustment of focus or other settings.

Accurately work with tools

Depth perception is essential when using tools under magnification, especially when working with sensitive or delicate subjects or very small components.

DRV Stereo CAM provides a large field of view with long working distances.

Greater hand-eye coordination is achieved from the heightened depth perception allowing accurate working, improving efficiency and reducing errors.

PCB reworking under DRV Stereo CAM

True stereo glasses-free digital viewing

DRV Stereo CAM utilises the patented Deep Reality Viewer with TriteQ3 technology to give a true 3D experience. By projecting each image into users’ left and right eyes there is no need for special eye-wear.

Your perfect configuration

There are no constraints by subjects sizes, users height or by complex surroundings. Tall subjects can be viewed with long working distance objectives allowing space for tools, oblique views can be achieved easily and comfortably.

Similarly the zoom module can be positioned away from the user allowing 3D stereo viewing of items within safety cabinets or areas less accessible for users.

DRV viewer displaying view for Stereo CAM zoom module
360° view of PCB

A complete 360° view

Take advantage of the unique 360° oblique and direct rotating viewer, providing an oblique angled view of 34° all around the point of interest. Removing the need to manipulate difficult samples at magnification.

UV / White illumination

Benefit from close inspection of fluorescing subjects with a white and UV ring-light. Capture and record images of fluorescing samples in stunning 3D. Great for conformal coating inspection and fluorescing dye penetrants.

PCB under UV fluorescing



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