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KIC Thermal Profiler & LCR Tester


The Smart Fixture with Built-In Data Collection Module
SRA Advantages
Laser Technology for Speed Measurement
Instant Insight into Oven Performance
Compatible with KIC Ecosystem
Profiler Embedded in Fixture
2 Year Warranty
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Identify and Track Machine Performance and Stability

  • Built-in conveyor speed measurement (No external sensors needed)
  • Heat Transfer Index (HTI)™ for each zone
  • Side-to-side and run-to-run comparisons
  • Track individual zone performance over time
  • PWI™ – instant process analysis with a single number

Basic Features

  • Fast and accurate manual data collection
  • Single screen overview with key machine information
    • Measured zone temperatures
    • Side-to-side uniformity per zone
    • Oven settings
  • Unique pallet design allows for more accurate measure of the ambient air temperature
    • Use as machine validation /verification tool
  • Familiar KIC Profiling Software 2G user interface
  • Solder paste specification library for process related calculations
  • SPC charting with Cpk for process specs: Cm/Cmk for machine related specs
  • Profile stacking capabilities for multiple runs between downloading. 30 profile capability.

Advanced Hardware: Material and Design

  • LCP (liquid crystal polymer) enclosure for better heat protection and fast cool-down between runs
  • Robust and durable enclosure and shield drop tested from 5 feet onto a concrete floor
  • Long lasting NiMH rechargeable batteries for a reliable and safe power source
  • Both wall socket charging and USB charging direct from a computer

Built-in Convenience

  • Intuitive insight into the oven stability
  • Quick data access and sharing
  • Real-time profiling via Wi-Fi through Smart Dock™ pairing using ANT technology (optional)
  • Integrated data collection module – no separate profiler needed
  • Automatic shutoff for improved battery life
  • Secure and easy thermal shield opening and closing
  • Instant data analysis
    • Machine stability and repeatability
    • Zone efficiency
    • How well the profile accommodates the process window

HTI – Heat Transfer Index™

A measure of a zone’s energy transfer in a single number

The HTI™, or Heat Transfer Index, is a measure of the energy transfer occurring in a given zone. Effective heat transfer will generally yield a more homogeneous board temp (tight delta temperature across all components) and can allow for faster conveyor speeds (more throughput). The HTI value is calculated and displayed for each zone as a single number. The display of this index allows for fast and easy identification of changes in the performance of a given zone.


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