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KIC Thermal Profiler & LCR Tester


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The Profiling Machine for your Profile Machine

 Automated optical inspection (AOI) machines are not designed to inspect leads that are hidden below components bodies such as BGAs and PoP. Additionally, even for the leads that are visible to the AOI camera, there is no way for the machine to look at the solder joint microstructure to determine whether there are quality issues related to a poor soldering process. A solder joint or component could be defective or weak as a result of a multitude of process issues, i.e. overheating, too fast or too slow ramp rates, excessive time above liquiduous, oxidization, etc.

 X-ray has the advantage of seeing through the BGA and PoP component bodies to the solder joints below. This inspection, however, has a similar limitation to the AOI in that although it can verify things like the presence of solder balls and other solder joints etc., it cannot look inside the solder to determine whether it is “healthy.” Another limitation with X-ray is that most factories use batch X-ray systems rather than inline inspection systems. In this case, the vast majority of the PCBs do not get X-rayed and, therefore, can slip by unnoticed.

 When automatically profiling these BGA and PoP components it can be determined whether they had been processed in accordance within both the component as well as the solder paste’s thermal tolerances. The combination of automatic thermal profiling and AOI/X-ray inspection provides a very complete inspection process, even for the tiny devices. Additionally, the suspect PCBs that have been processed out of the thermal process window can be rerouted to the batch X-ray station for a more effective sampling of PCBs to be inspected compared to the random sampling that often are used today. Simply stated, automatic thermal profiling makes the existing inspection systems in the factory work far better than in the past.

Automatic Profiling

Flexible, affordable and easy to use software for the ultimate output from a reflow oven – an acceptable profile.

The reflow oven is essentially a profile machine. The ProBot compliments the reflow oven by automatically recording the profile for each and every processed PCB.  On the fly, the profile is compared to the established process window to determine whether it is in spec or not.

Flexibility to Add Enhanced Capabilities

No one wants to pay for features they don’t need, so ProBot is designed with a deep list of optional features and capabilities that can be added at any time, now or later.

Minimum System Requirements

Dual Core / 1 GHz Processor PC with 2 GB RAM
2 GB available storage
Video 1024 x 768 resolution / 16-bit
1 available USB port (for data download)
1 available USB port (for software key)
1 available Ethernet port or 1 available USB port with Ethernet to USB
Microsoft® Windows® XP, Vista, or 7. (32-bit or 64-bit)

Note:  2 additional powered USB ports may be needed for optional accessories


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