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PCBA Cleaning Solutions


Development of high performance, innovative cleaning process solutions for Electronics Manufacturing.
Environmentally Responsible Cleaning Chemistries.
Advanced Cleaning Technologies That Manage and Control Your Cleaning Processes.
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(1) Maintenance Cleaning (Pallet/Jig Cleaning; Reflow Oven parts; Fingers,...):
Kyzen Lonox L5314 / E5325 (Low foaming).
Compatible Process: Spray in Air; Immersion; Ultranonic

Case Study 01:


• The objective to remove all flux residue on reflow parts and oils.

Cleaning Process Flow:
• WASH : Bubble Tank Soaking using L5314 for 2 hours at 60°C
• RINSE : Water spray
• Dry : Compressed air

• Kyzen Lonox L5314 very effective to remove flux residue.
• Kyzen Lonox L5314 is RoHS, non-corrosive and nonflammable.
• Temperature, Mechanical Energy or Longer Immersion
time will help to remove flux residue too.


(2) Stencil Cleaning / Under Stencil Wipe
Kyzen Lonox L5611/ L5611D/E5631 (fast drying)
Compatible Process: Spray in Air; Ultrasonic
No rinse required

 LONOX L5611* is a solvent-based cleaner for misprinted boards and stencils. It is effective on a wide variety of flux, solder paste and uncured adhesives. 

Case Study 02:
Statement of development or problem:

The customer’s objective is to remove the left behind dry solder paste (solder ball) and the same
time without damage the stencil.


Listing of possible solutions or approaches:
The customer is seeking a cleaning fluid that will remove all types of solder paste material and
without damage the stencil and aluminum frame. The customer has a Kerry AC1000 stencil

Cleaning solution selected:
Lonox L5611 proved to be the best selection of cleaning fluids to remove all the types of solders
paste material and economical. Kyzen L5611 can further dilute with water and has long bath life.

Supporting work (Methodology):
Kyzen technical guy on side support for this evaluation.

Test # 1:
A 15% solution of Lonox L5611/ 85% DI water and Kerry AC1000 stencil cleaner was used.
Process flow: Wash (10 minutes) Rinse (10 minutes) Dry (10 minutes).
After the stencil complete the cleaning process and inspected; no solder ball or damage was
found at the stencil.

Scale up to production:
The customer implemented the test recommendations from Kyzen. Customer very appreciate
Kyzen technical guy for the evaluation support and help them at least 50% cost saving for the
(3) Removal of Residue Flux on PCBoard:
Kyzen Micronox MX-2322
Compatible Process: Spray in Air; Ultrasonic


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