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JUKI RP-2 Solder Paste Printer [ Máy quét kem hàn tự động RP-2 ]

High precision with excellent cost performance

P-PRIMO The Large Platform SMT Screen Printer [Máy quét kem hàn tự động cỡ lớn P-Primo]

Catering to customers’ ultra large printing needs, P-Primo is the ideal printer that serves XL size PCB of up to 850mm x 610mm.

GKG G-Star Fully Automatic SMT Screen Printer [ Máy quét kem hàn tự động G-Star]

Above & beyond your expectations

JUKI Fast Smart Modular Mounter RS1-R [Máy gắn linh kiện thông minh tốc độ cao dạng mô-đun]

Superior Productivity. Versatility
With the best throughput in an advanced, all-in-one
Class leading speed, up to 47,000 cph
Wide component range: 0201mm*~74x74mm / 50x150mm
Large PCB size up to 650x370mm (1200x370mm by 250mm extension conv)
Optimum line balance and highest throughput
Optimal for LED placement

Long Board SMT Placer JX-350 [ Máy gắn linh kiện tự động - chuyên gắn LED ]

Expanded versatility for LED production and more!
JX-350 is now available with faster placement speed and improved placing ability

Fast Smart Modular Mounter RS1-XL [Máy gắn linh kiện đa năng dạng mô-đun size XL]

As a Chip Mounter, as a Flexible Mounter, as a Balancer. Any item can be produced for smart production.
The new mounter will change the conventional common sense of the ever innovative.
X-Large PCB Size: 50×50㎜~650×560㎜

JUKI High-Speed Compact Modular Mounter RX-7R [Máy gắn linh kiện tốc độ cao siêu nhỏ gọn]

Innovative Production Efficiency Improvement for the Whole Factory
Graphical system visualization
JaNets Integration
New P16S head with improved accuracy
Simultaneous production of PCBs
Top and Bottom Check of Leaded Parts
Low impact placement force
Optimal Speed can achieve 75,000 CPH
Compact Design – 998mm width
Wide Component Range

3D Board Visual Inspection JUKI RV-2-3DH [ Máy kiểm tra quang AOI 3D ]

Overwhelming speed
Remarkable accuracy

PWB Visual Inspection Machine JUKI RV-2 (AOI/SPI) [ Máy kiểm tra quang SPI/AOI ]

Space-saving and compact single-lane inspection machine.
Clear Vision Capturing System
Worlds top-class high performance
Inspection speed = 0.2 sec / frame
Easy programming
CCC ( Central Confirmation Control)*
SPC ( Statistical Process Control) *
Supports 3D inspection *

JT RS-800-II Series Lead-Free Hot Air Reflow Oven [Lò hàn đối lưu JT RS-800-II ]

High quality - Stablility - Economy.
Independent Air Control.
Low power consumption.

JT WS Series Lead-Free Wave Sodering Oven [Lò hàn sóng JT WS-350 WS-450 J-sonic Sonotek]

EU Standard & Parts - Efficiency - Economy!

Desktop-Model SEF Reflow Soldering System 551.10 [Lò hàn đối lưu dạng để bàn nhỏ gọn SEF 551.10]

New development by SEF Germany - 30 years in manufacturing reflow oven
Usability, low power consumption
Interfaces for the communication with other devices.

JUKI Intelligent Storage System ISM-3600 [Giải pháp quản lý lưu trữ linh kiện thông minh ISM]

* Simultaneous Extraction and Insertion of up to 27 Reels at a Time
* Integration into SMT line
* ESD Compliant

RD-500SV (M Size) RD Series BGA/SMT Rework Machines [Máy sửa linh kiện BGA ổn định an toàn]

ALL-IN-ONE Advanced Technology SMT Rework Station
Compatible For Rework Of All Various Types of SMD components
Compact Size, Stable, Easy Operations with Smart Software
L-size, XL-size are available

SD-3000II SMT Rework Station [Máy hàn sửa linh kiện SMT SD-3000II]

Simple & Precise Operation.
You Can Rework Nearly Any SMT Component

PH-3100A Fast Efficient Pre-heater [Bộ gia nhiệt PH-3100A]

Fast and Safety Manual Soldering

SS-8400 Soldering Tool [Mỏ hàn thiếc SS-8400 SS8400]

Adopting Super Tip!!
It has been developed specifically for lead free soldering.

SC-7000Z Desoldering Tool [Máy hút thiếc SC-7000Z SC7000Z]

is of the pump built-in structure with a temperature control circuit. Best tool recognized all over the world.

KIC SPS Smart Manual Profiler [ Bộ đo profile KIC SPS thông minh ]

The smart profiler for reduced cost, improved quality and convenient data sharing
Available in 7,9 and 12 channel
Built with the Latest Data Processing and Wireless Technologies Available —
A Smart Device

KIC SRA Smart Reflow Analyzer [Thiết bị phân tích lò hàn thông minh]

The Smart Fixture with Built-In Data Collection Module
SRA Advantages
Laser Technology for Speed Measurement
Instant Insight into Oven Performance
Compatible with KIC Ecosystem
Profiler Embedded in Fixture
2 Year Warranty

PROBOT Automatic Profiling System [Hệ thống đo giám sát profile trực tuyến tự động KIC Probot]

ProBot Advantages:

• Flexible
• Affordable
• Easy to UseSoftware
• 24 Hour CustomerSupport

KIC X5 Intelligent Thermal Profiler [Bộ đo profile nhiệt độ tự động thông minh KIC X5]

Robust Hardware – Ease of Use – Process Optimization
2 Year Warranty – 24 Hour Word Class Customer Support

KICstart2 Profiler [Bộ đo profile nhiệt độ tự động KIC kicstart2 6 kênh]

Easy to use – Low cost – Compact

The new KICStart2 is a modern profiler that does not try to do too much, but what it is designed to do it does it exceptionally well.

Smart Tweezers LCR Meter ST5-S Colibri Pro [Nhíp đo LCR đa năng thông minh ST5-S ST5S ST5]

High Speed, High Precision LCR Meter in Tweezers

Wide measurement range starting from 0.5pF, 0.5μH and 50mΩ

Capacitor ESR Value Display

Smart Tweezers Bluetooth LCR Meter ST5S-BT [Nhíp đo LCR thông minh kết nối Bluetooth]

Based on our flagship ST5S LCR Meter
Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity
Real Time readings streaming
iOS and Android support
Windows Ultility is now available

EM - Series PCB V-Cutting Machine

Very Low Cutting Stress - Stable - Simple Operation
Manual Mode & Semi-Auto Mode (Motorized)
Wide range of Board width up to 460mm

Unicomp SC-P2G Stencil Washer

Safety Operations without zero fire risk
Patented nozzle precision design
4-level filtering system
Low solvent comsumption
Water-based chemical & IPA are compatible

KBC Solder Paster Softener DS-200 DS-300 [ Máy trộn kem hàn tự động ]

500g jar x 2 simutaneously mixing
Or 500g jar x 1 ( weight variable function)
Easy operation
Various Adaptors

ECO Nozzle Cleaner ENC-12SN and ENC-24SN [Máy rửa nozzle tự động Bosung ENC-12SN và ENC-24SN]

Use Distilled Water or DI. Water -> reduce the effection of carbon.

Possible to clean 12/24pcs at the same time.

Easy operation.

Reduce downtime by using flexible nozzle holder.

DP600-A Automatic Taping Machine [Máy đóng băng linh kiện tự động ]

Mechanical Accuracy +/- 0.04 mm.
Supported 22” input and output tape.
Supported 8~88 mm width cover tape.
RS232 interface,easily communicate with third party automatic system.
PSA (Press sensitive adhesive) and hot melt sealer.
CE Certificate.

Giga & Giga-S SMD Smart Counter [Máy đếm linh kiện SMD tự động thông minh Giga Giga-S]

Automatic - Extremely Acurracy - Easy for Operation - Multi-Function

SMT Board Splitter - TST Japan [Máy cắt bo mạch tự động hãng TST - Nhật, máy V-cutting]

The safest, most accurate, most advanced SMT board separator

SMT Common Spare Parts [ Phụ tùng linh kiện SMT ]

Original New 100% Parts
Feeder, Trolley, Feeder Parts
CPU Board, Control Board, IO Board, Hard Disk
Servo Motor, Servo Driver
Sensor, Belts,...

Standard / Custom Nozzle [Đầu hút linh kiện máy gắn chíp, máy chấm keo]

Design & Quality Control in Japan (by K-WORLD); Fabrique by Bosung Korea.

SMT Nozzle for all Mounter Brands: Panasonic, Fuji, Hitachi, Yamaha, Juki, Samsung, Siemens, Mirae,...etc

Custom nozzles are available at reasonable price and short lead-time

OMEGA Type K Thermocouple [Cặp dây đo profile nhiệt độ Omega chuẩn K]

Ultra-High Accurate Thermocouple
Wide-range of wire diameters from 30AWG to 40AWG (0.25mm to 0.08mm)
Welded joint & High Temp Resistance 260 degree C
Made in USA

UNIONTAPE FAT-1335TSY Silicone Tape [ Băng vải thủy tinh 2 mặt dính ]

Glass cloth coated tape with silicone adhensive
High temp resistance
No glue residue
Re-used many times
RoHS and Halogen Free

Tacsil Double-side Silicone Tape FPC Tape [Băng dính silicone 2 mặt bo mạch dẻo Tacsil]

Double-sided silicone glass cloth tape coated.
High Temp Resistance & No adhension residue.
Special design for FPC assembly process.
Re-used upto 500 times.
ESD, RoHS and Halogen Free.

KPT-201DS Double-sided Tape [ Băng dính chịu nhiệt 2 mặt ]

Polymide tape coated with silicone adhensive
High Temp Resistance, no glue residue
RoHS & Halogen Free, UL, REACH

Kapton Tape KPT201-2535 [ Băng dính chịu nhiệt 1 mặt ]

Polymide tape coated with silicone adhensive
Single side
High temp resistance, no residue
RoHS & Halogen Free, UL, REACH

WEC Loader / Unloader / Conveyor [Máy cấp bản mạch / máy đón bản mạch / băng tải / giá đỡ bản mạch]

CE Available

PLC Control System

Ergonomic Design

Standard SMEMA Communication

NEW Makrolite 4K Ultra HD inspection microscope

Exceptional Quality Imaging.
The Makrolite 4K digital microscope simplifies your visual inspection, image capture and measurement tasks with the exceptional quality of Ultra High Definition image resolution.

DRV STEREO CAM 3D digital stereo microscope

The Power of 3D Digital Stereo
Get the viewing benefits of a 3D high resolution stereo zoom microscope and the convenience and speed of a digital microscope in one. Using the incredible DRV display technology, 3D stereo images can be viewed, captured and shared, using glasses-free technology. Magnification up to 700x makes DRV Stereo CAM as useful for capturing and sharing the smallest details efficiently and effectively.

CAM β Inspect anything, anywhere

Inspect anything, anywhere
Camβ is Vision Engineering’s portable, secure hand-held digital magnifier. Capable of 4x to 20x magnification, this robust ‘go-anywhere’ inspection and digital capture tool is ideal for use in the lab, around the factory or in the field.


Quick. Easy. Compact
Compact full HD digital microscope system for quick and accurate inspection right where you need it. High quality custom-made optics and digital features combine for superior performance. Ideal for visual inspection or manufacturing quality control.

LYNX EVO Work better, for longer

The Lynx EVO was designed to increase productivity through superior ergonomics. Whatever your challenge – inspection, production, reworking, or anything else requiring magnification – 3D depth perception and bright, high resolution, high contrast images lets you work comfortably and with greater concentration. Magnifications from 2.7x to 240x make it ideal for a wide range of applications.

DRV N SERIES Automatic High Zoom digital stereo microscopy system

D Stereo. 3D Digital. Perfect Zoom.
View and share 3D images and video from an optical stereo zoom microscope. Combining technologies of Deep Reality Viewer (DRV) for 3D imaging with great depth perception, and Nikon SMZ for outstanding 25:1 zoom ratio, excellent image details and magnifications up to 800x.

NON-CONTACT MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS [Hệ thống đo không tiếp xúc Falcon Hawk Swift]

Exceptional Dynascope™ optical measuring microscopes allow you to see what you want to measure more details, more clarity

Range of video measuring machines provide high accuracy non-contact measurement of complex manufactured components and materials

ASAHI Lead Free Solder Products [Kem hàn, dây thiếc hàn, thanh thiếc hàn Asahi Singapore]

We are developping solder and related products to meet three objectives:

- To develop solder is better than Tin/Lead solder

- To develop environmental friendly solder

- To develop solder with minimal change to the current process in the industry

KYZEN Precision Cleaning Solutions [Giải pháp tẩy rửa an toàn hiệu quả trong ngành điện tử]

Development of high performance, innovative cleaning process solutions for Electronics Manufacturing.
Environmentally Responsible Cleaning Chemistries.
Advanced Cleaning Technologies That Manage and Control Your Cleaning Processes.

Aquas-Tech 7000 PCBA Inline Cleaning Machine [Máy rửa bo mạch tự động khép kín Aquas Tech 7000]

Fully Automatic inline cleaning machine is suitalbe to high volume PCBA and Semicon products flux residue cleaning. Many options to select for process optimization and cost control.

K-1800 Pneumatic Stencil Cleaning Machine [Máy rửa khuôn in metal mask K-1800 K1800]

The K-1800 stencil cleaner using solvent or water-based liquid (ex: Kyzen L5611 / L5611D) has proved with excellent performance and low-cost by more than 300 customers world-wide. It can also clean misprint boards and scarper with optional fixtures.

KED600 Batch Cleaning Machine [Máy rửa bo mạch công suất cao KED600]

Cleaning machine for small and medium PCBA production capacity. Inside-clean technology model. Entire washing, rinsing and drying processes are executed insidely. High cleaning quality performance. Satisfy many PCBA cleaning applications.

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