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PRODUCTS, SMT Accessories

Mega Manual SMD Counter [ Máy đếm linh kiện SMD dạng quay bằng tay ]

Digital counter for 8-72mm tape width.
0% error rate.
Simple 1-touch operation - 3 year warranty.

Giga & Giga-S SMD Smart Counter [Máy đếm linh kiện SMD tự động thông minh Giga Giga-S]

Automatic - Extremely Acurracy - Easy for Operation - Multi-Function

Magic M/S Parts Counter 3 in 1 [Máy đếm linh kiện đa năng 4 trong 1 ]

3 in 1 Smart Counter.
Applicable: SMD, Axial, Radial, 01005" (Pitch 2mm).
Manual or Semi-Auto Models.

MIX500D Slope Solder Paste Mixer [ Máy trộn kem hàn tự động ]

Effectively mixing to acheive better results of stencil printing and reflowing processes.
Reduce downtime to improve productivity.

SMD Chip Counter COU2000ADV [ Máy đếm linh kiện SMD tự động ]

Hige precision counting.
Forward & reverse counting directions.
Simple operation.

Solder Paste Mixer SPS-500 [Máy trộn kem hàn tự động tự cân bằng SPS-500]

Compact Design - Light Weight.

Control Paste Condition Perfectly

Easy Operation - Fully Automatically

Self Auto-Balancing

Re-fregerated paste can be mixed immediatly

Themaltronics TMT-9000S Soldering n Rework Station

High-end soldering model.
Curie Heat Technology.
Meeting the exact requirements of the substrate component and solder material.

Automatic Tape Dispenser [ Máy cắt băng dính tự động - gấp mép ]

Convenient - Easy Operation - Fold Type Support

Themaltronics TMT-2000S Soldering Station

Curie Heat Technology.
Meeting the exact requirements of the substrate component and solder material.

Mekko Dry & Storage Cabinet [Tủ sấy bảo quản linh kiện điện tử Mekko - Anh quốc]

A Wide variety of applications involving moisture removal and dry storage. Main sector is for electronics assembly industry.

ECO Nozzle Cleaner ENC-12S and ENC-24S [Máy rửa nozzle tự động Bosung ENC-12S và ENC-24S]

Use Distilled Water or DI. Water -> reduce the effection of carbon.

Possible to clean 12/24pcs at the same time.

Easy operation.

Reduce downtime by using flexible nozzle holder.

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